blackmail press 33
Jeremy Roberts
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
A Primary school teacher, and father to a teenage musician daughter.
He is an MC at Auckland’s “Poetry Live” and regularly appears at spoken word events around the city.
He recently read his work in Texas, USA.
His work has been published in Side Stream, Live Lines IV, Poetry NZ #44, Free Venice Beachhead, Takahe Magazine, NZ Listener, Snorkel, Potroast #9  & NZ Poetry Society magazine.


if you accept Andy Warhol’s vision
you need never go into an art gallery again.

just walk down the street or supermarket isle
& check out the visual feast:
brands, signs, labels, logos.
read a newspaper – but focus on the
pictures, headlines & ads.

art no longer had to come from
an artist’s private angst
or carry an important message.
the beauty in good design was suddenly
noticed & accepted.

some would also argue that he was an
out-there, crazy motherfucker –
constantly asking to photograph men’s cocks
& having once been shot nearly dead by some crazy bitch -
stating that he liked guns & that they were rather

in fact, Andy Warhol’s vision was truly
a revolution.
he taught us to accept the ordinary, love the bland
& see depth in the superficial.
all it needed was a veneer of glamour.

& now he is a god –
projecting his movies from the void
where everything comes from
& where everything returns.