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Jason Sanford Brown
United States

Jason Sanford Brown is the founder and co-editor of Roadrunner Haiku Journal.  His haiku have been published in the usual places online and in print and often have placed in many international haiku competitions.  He currently resides just outside of Tucson, Arizona.

Roadrunner Haiku Journal
The Skipping Stones


God was my idea.

I thought it up while we made love
because I wanted to be
something else, something
omnipotent and virile something
perfectly innocent.

I invented god because I wanted you to love me.

But it isn't fair of me to expect
that from you, you sweaty little goddess.
Maybe if I pull your hair and you
scream obscenities, those obscenities
will create little organic worlds.

God was my idea but
I made a mistake,
I shouldn't have let
god make you
make god.


So much I've missed
locked inside myself

not the sky, there is
sky in here

not the mountains, there are
mountains here

but the ocean, I miss the ocean
in this dry place.

Five Haiku

the rain falls harder in my bones...

deep in the sea
i hold the world
with eight arms

winter butterfly
a scattered storm

I bring things unsaid
to a wake
of buzzards

sakura at the heart of it sakura