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Kirsty Dunn
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
Kirsty Dunn is an English student at the University of Canterbury.  Her poetry has appeared in teenage diaries, on the front of the fridge, on bits of scrap paper stored in various forgotten drawers, and in numerous handmade cards addressed to her parents.  She hopes to gain a wider audience now that she has finally started to submit her work for publication.    She has a website where she shares her thoughts and writing experiments.  You are welcome to visit and stay a while.

Working Class

To be Working Class
We once were royalty:
Drinking wine with unstained arches
Supping on the cream of other’s crops
In carefully tailored, laundered attire
Sleeping soundly in beds we had not made,
we are tired maids ourselves,
and dirty handed fixers of things
surrogate bearers of the fruit you chose,
you will find no pressed and coloured collars here -
no crowns;
haphazardly positioned hims and hers
with lying labels hidden
underneath our peeling name tags,
pinned across our hearts.