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Kathryn Hayward-Nathan
New Zealand

Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis Andy Leleisi'uao
Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis - Andy Leleisi'uao
Born Valentines Day 1968 to Ngapuhi, Poroti & Te Uri O Hau, Pouto.
No rural upbringing for me. "Townie" I would be best described. But my mother tryed her hardest to accomodate our cultural needs, as our father did for our work ethics.
I am no scholar, I achieved reading and writing from school & everything else from life experience. I love to write poetry, songs & stories, I should write more than I do.
I have 3 children and a husband I adore, who supports me silently. We live on a livestock farm in rural Northland, New Zealand. I have milked cows and seen more shit than a psychiatrist!. I have worked with children on a project to beautify  the local primary school, by completing two murals.
I have been published in BlackMailPress and Poetry Downunder.

All it takes is a Whakaaro - Just a thought - to inspire, to motivate, to create.

Uncivilised Natives

Think it is acceptable
To hang our bodies from trees
Watch their flesh drip from their bones
Cry over them and cry over them
To dislodge their bones from the branches which hold them
To bury them in tombs of stone

And it is our culture that does this
Uncivilised Natives, Uncivilised Native

Reborn into religion
Slice free their culture
Their inappropriate beliefs
Ways not acceptable by our pakeha counterparts
Cut out their tongues
Cover their bodies with cloth
Strip them of their kainga
Introduce them to the poisons that rot their minds

And it is your culture that does this
So civilised, Not criticised

This little town

The town has the wind at its rooftops
And people quickly but quietly rush to their double-parked cars
No lights exist in this little town
Just islands with sails that blow with the force of rebellion

The elderly cover the streets with their footsteps while others
Ride in chairs with umbrella in tow
The town has a carpet of clouded overcast looming
Perhaps rain is near
Maybe the wind will keep it at bay

Dirty cars and courier vans
Run over the tar seal
Just been from their long and dusty rural journey
And it’s just becoming busy at 11.27
While the salty dog bait truck indicates to take a right
Beep Beep Beep  Beep
Means I’m in reverse

This little town has the wind at its rooftops
Maybe it will rain

The undesirable

Who are you
The undesirable
Your uneducated face
You label
The one with no degree
Born a pedigree
Blood wealth
Means nothing without the paper that says you can

Who are you the undesirable

That one that walks the same road
That looks to contribute
Wants to participate, communicate, facilitate
The debate

Who are you the undesirable

First inline to collect the dole
Top of the roll
For future in-mates
Build up enforcement
Make the way clear to house us

Who are you the undesirable

Born to one parent
One food grant
One housing corp house
2,3,4,5, siblings
2,3,4,5 daddy’s babies

Who are you the undesirable

Take friends to the party
Take a drink
Take a pill
Wrong bill
Shot dead


As the glass door splits to open
We enter
A hand to lead
Rushed on with poto steps
A wall of Tangata open like whero Tangaroa
Not one touch is felt

Eyes hide the hidden
Lips drop
Words unspoken
Lights heat up your face
A dark punishing glow inspires a look to find

Heart beats faster,
Once eyes find the shadows, which make your shapes
Tears want to flow…….but
Stomach resets you

The korero of who you are is embraced by silence
And the weri lets you leave.

She is silent

As she feels the hand of her uncle slide up her leg
Slip his two fingers inside her vagina
Suck her non-existent breasts
She is silent
She has no movement
Open mouth
Tears run like wet windows with the view of cold outside
Gab gab gabbing
His hot moans
Rub rub rubbing, his hard instrument with her hand
Interrupted by sounds approaching
A kiss on the forehead
“That’s a good girl”
He leaves the room and
Rolls over and curls up.