blackmail press 26
Kath Hayward - Nathan
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Kath Hayward - Nathan is an emerging maori poet, her work speak of her turangawaewae (place to stand) and draws on her whanau & whenua. She has been published previously in blackmail press and performed at Queensland Poetry
Festival in 2008 as part of Polynation. Kath lives in Pouto, Northland with her whanau.
Forest Green

The warmth of the sand
Covers my skin
And the blanket of colour is seen thru glass eyes
Toitoi sway with the reeds
And the pine move and let the wind pass
Birds all different by song
Weave thru bush
And cry for the others to follow
Let the sky be bright with blue
Let clouds stay white
And let them not darken
For the echo of the forest green
Is home to all kinds and
Some wish to visit and some wish to own
A playground to the unknown
A playground to those at home

13 October 2009
When the trees are gone so are the birds
In place of them, a metal jungle
Haere mai nga manu ki te whenua


I am inlove with you
And you
Laugh at the dialogue
It is your way of expressing your heart

I am inlove with you
And I wish you could tell me
Like I tell you

I am inlove with you
And everyday has colours of brilliance
And lyrics yet to be written
For a song, sung with passion

I am inlove with you
I am certain you are with me
Is it enough
Enough to bear your torment
Torment by way of jokes & laughter
Torment by silence

I am inlove with you
I do believe
Your love torments me to feel passion for you
And it carrys me on a carpet of air
And has me believing in romance and forevers

I am inlove with you
And you still
Laugh at the dialogue

13 October 2009
To my husband
Always to make me smile