Kathryn Hayward - Nathan
country : New Zealand
bio: Born Valentines Day 1968 to Ngapuhi, Poroti & Te Uri O Hau, Pouto.
No rural upbringing for me. "Townie" I would be best described. But my mother tryed her hardest to accomodate our cultural needs, as our father did for our work ethics.
I am no scholar, I achieved reading and writing from school & everything else from life experience. I love to write poetry, songs & stories, I should write more than I do.
I have 3 children and a husband I adore, who supports me silently. We live on a livestock farm in rural Northland, New Zealand. I have milked cows and seen more shit than a psychiatrist!. I have worked with children on a project to beautify  the local primary school, by completing two murals.
I have been published in BlackMailPress and Poetry Downunder.

All it takes is a Whakaaro - Just a thought - to inspire, to motivate, to create.

Just for one moment

A moment in time
Sitting in a chair
Surrounded with ; by, conversation.
When all I could see
were Trifids on the other side
of the glass, waving in the wind &
looking at me.

I straight away think of
'cause I haven't got you, to
tell it to.

Depth of sound

Pondering thought
How it feels to hold it
relief when it is out
& it's life in the middle.

A giant volcano lets itself go
Fire burns out past lungs
Through the tunnel of endless consumption
Hitting the swinging trapeze
Rolled out on a rippled blanket of flesh
To be exposed

It is not the words itself said
It's the depth & sound of the fire within

Just like any other day

winds rush through tall grass
echoes of birds cries
songs sang by bees flying
a black cat sleeps
always to be interupted

clothes come alive on wires
the ocean breaks the silence
locust chat as the sun
comes out to play

the dog stretches making his way
to sleep only to be
disturbed by curiousity
a humming sound 'don't come any closer'
& with that, dog takes his leave
a bone now has his undivided attention

cat sleeps, dog gnaws, birds sing, wind blows, washing drys
just like, any other day

to Steve, I love you

I lay in our bed
Leg wrapped around yours
Arm twisted round your neck
Hand holding your head
Face resting on your chest
Can hear your heart beat
I feel the warmth of you
You so strong, you weaken me
Our love surrounds us
For I am joined to you
not by sex, not by words; but by souls
Let them be awakened
& let them play, hold hands and lay close
Poets that are blocked by hate
are inspired by love

Wishing on a wind

Wishing on a wind
I try break
my hopelessness,
my forgetfulness,
my selfishness,
'cause of you , I am me,
is that a different me, before you
I see?

Wishing on a wind
there is fire, there is flames
together we ignite,
apart we are only flint, a spark,
a dim light between the clouds.

Wishing on a wind
I cry
this distance that holds us, has kept us
this close and still I wonder
what time holds for us & so
let my kiss be carried to you
by the wind I wish upon.

Writing Secrets of Love

Our passion alludes me
yet it suspends me
am i preoccupied & unfocused.
Speak to me in promises & I can
tell your future.
My Optimism is yours

You sweep me, as the uncertainty makes me
float, my body I give, my mind,
unbalanced at times; of silence.

Unleash the hidden, which binds us
then we are free to fall.
I close my eyes.
Kiss me twice
and let us live.