blackmail press 33
Kirsten Le Harivel
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
Kirsten Le Harivel is a poet, traveller and youth development worker, based in New Zealand and with ties to India, Scotland, England and France.
you wish to know

and i wish i could tell you
the colour of the sky
or his arms reaching out in sleep
but you must go to the inn
meet the man who offers you a ride
the old woman who gives you an extra slice
the companion who shares a drink,
maybe a bed for a while
you wish to know
all this,
all this journeying

are you heading somewhere?
you look lonely.

it runs through trees

fills up plant pot saucers is the catalyst for coffee carries heartache down her cheeks holds vegetables together separates lovers drills into his ear in the early morning drowns small children and strangers smacks onto the concrete beach drenches the sparkling saris dries her skin tastes salty against her teeth escapes through impermeable membranes is bogged down with plastic wrappers too cloudy to see through takes blood out to the ocean skids up the side of the bathtub bobs the yellow duckling up and down refuses to let it sink