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Kerrin P Sharpe
New Zealand

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Kerrin P. Sharpe is a poet and teacher of creative writing from Christchurch, New Zealand. Early on in her career she completed a paper in creative writing at Victoria University of Wellington (1976) and has gone on from then to have her poems published widely in both New Zealand and Australia. She has been published in Best NZ Poems 08, 09, and 10, Best of the Best NZ Poems, (2011), Turbine, Snorkel, Bravado, Takahe, NZ Listener, Poetry NZ, Junctures, Sport and The Press. In 2008, she was awarded the New Zealand Post Creative Writing Teacher’s Award from the International Institute of Modern Letters. She was featured Poet in Takahe 69
order of service

the vicar

puts on
antlers blesses
a fleet
of bees
that have
taken up
deep sea

the vicar’s wife

gathers cervine
prayers from
the forest
floor with
the breath
of her

the vicar’s daughter

tells communion
wafers how
she woke
a group
of deer
in the
hallway discussing

after the benediction
the vicar used to the ways
of small farms serves tea

there is a medical name for this

she has no interest
in prolonged immersion
or taking the cure

instead she feeds a fir seed
the magnetic birthwaters
of  hanmer springs

and builds a baby
from steam and feather
from early snow

she cannot remember
who is still born
herself or her son

she lines a box
with pinus radiata wings
a scarf of grey sky

and returns him to darkness
she wipes the soft faces
of hammer and needle

blade and comb
and the next day
needs to grow him again