blackmail press 32
Kathy Sewell
New Zealand

Moka's Utu - Penny Howard
Eulogy: Farewell Father

Glazed stare sees nothing.
Medication stilled the tongue,
mortared the mind and
disconnected power to the
cranial penthouse,
leaving it as flaccid as the
part of you that created me.

I watched the once
tyrannical tower tumble,
while tears of rising damp
crumbled my emotional wall.
Tobacco embers burned and
their power raised you to the ground.
Ashes to ashes.

Disease demolition toppled
your Eiffel-like frame.
Dust to dust.
Too late, I want to scream,
destruction is contagious
to bricks and mortals.
There is no cure.

You are no more, I am alone.

John Doe

Crumpled, covered bones,
lungs barely inflate
lies the lone scavenger
unmoving, contrite.

He drools, the fool
who waits with twisted claw
stretched towards those
who choose to ignore.

No home, only baggage
from years long past.
Alone, abandoned
nondescript outcast.

In his cardboard cocoon
he swats at mourners
waiting his demise,
a ...buzzing…….shroud…
…..of ……   .black suited…..


The need, the impulse takes control,
Adrenalin rush, desire sensation,
He mounts and gasps, expectant pleasure
She shudders, vibrant titillation,
Trust in each other now complete.

His gripping thighs embrace elation,
Excitement soars, no turning back. 
Both feel the thrill, exhilaration,
Her shapely form tremors impatiently,
He caresses and whispers, determination,
They become as one with muscles taunt,

Rise and fall, total unification,
Sweat mingled bodies pound and grind,
She awaits his commands, anticipation,
Screams of delight as he rises high,
Their union is near to finalisation,
The climax reached, their need fulfilled,
Desire met beyond all expectation,

As horse and jockey, first passed the post,
Ecstatic, proud winners destined consummation.