blackmail press 26
Lee Aholima
New Zealand

from: Angipanis of the Abanimal People - Andy Leleisi'auo
Oh Lordie

Oh Lordie oh Lordie
how hard I try
how hard I try.
Bein' the black man
is so hard.
Keepin the faith
is so hard
Oh Lordie oh Lordie.

Oh my
oh my sweet Jesus
I is a
ship without a rudder
a black man cast out
by the she devil -
my ex-wife Lord,
my ex-wife.

She don' want nothin
to do with me
she don' want me
she say I is an evil man
Oh Lordie oh Lordie
how hard I try
how hard I try
to see dem kids
of mine.

I is just a slave
I is working
for that she devil
but she don' want my kids
to see their black man
their daddy.
Oh Lordie,
oh Lordie
It hurts me Lordie

She say
not dem judges
in the land
gon' to let me
see my little Tinkerbell
my sweet Sam
my liddle Joley
Jesus' girl.
She say
I is evil,
evil in the head
she say

Oh Lordie
oh Lordie
Sweet Jesus
Oh Lordie.
I is one
sad black man.

Audio: Oh Lordie - Lee Aholima
Lee Ilai Aholima is of Niue/English extraction. He was born in Niue but was
raised from the age of 6 in Invercargill, Southland in the South Island, New
Zealand. Lee works in IT and currently resides in Auckland. Lee has
self-published 2 poetry books, Takai and Penina he magafaoa, with the help
of Creative NZ.