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Lelani Burgoyne
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
Lelani Burgoyne is an exciting young writer of Samoan and german descent. Leilani has been previously published in "Niu Voices - Contemporary Pacific Fiction" (Huia Publishers 2006). Leilani is currently writing her first manuscript of poetry.
Arohanui: The love of the Gods

broken clouds        strike
  & Papatuanuku’s passion
is ignited

her green eye      opens
  & writhing iris dances
as she calls to   Ranginui
in agony

love etched
in to the tips
of her     outstretched fingers

his signature scrawled
faultlessly along her


obsidian thoughts
fill       the void
as the storm

& she weeps


our crushed spirits writhe in a state of serene inequity
for Tagaloa's thirst
knows no bounds

we the children of Pili  
our beloved dead

the sacred isles
awash with salt
heave with grief

& in the depths of po
we hear them whisper...
from where the tainted light
reveals the shadow's imprint
for Samoa is drowning

is drowning

in sorrow