blackmail press 27
Linley Edmeades
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
I have been writing short stories and poetry for some years, but have only just felt that I have completed some works that are ready to move out into the world of publication. I love this land of NZ and the earth that has been put in our care and some of my work reflects this passion.

Dream Swarm

After a night crowded with dreams
And memories of dreams,
Today bees came and settled on our tree.
Not unwelcome
But uninvited.
I let the ragged edges of dreams rest limply.

(There was a small green taonga
And a red string to wear it.
I told Hannah; we will think on this together.)

And a warrior waged war on the bees.

They annoyed me
With their choice
Of the starling’s wooden house.
I am wary.
They have power in numbers.
They had to die, one way or two or three

They left behind a small strong edifice.

Night Watch Woman

Tonight the summer moon is full.
A wisp, a scarf of cloud
Stretches thinly across her face.
She is the constant guardian

Of the night.
But on the surface
Of this land’s nocturnal glow
Are fragile, finite creatures
Like Kakapo

And Alpine Falcon, Fairy Terns,
Maud Island frogs;
And Giant Weta, Godwits,
Land Snails, Albatross

Too distant for
Her enduring lunar vigil?