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In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
I live in the little community of Te Kowhai, Waikato. I write poetry in between working as a physiotherapist, growing herbs and enjoying my children and grand children.


Tiny red caps
On grey green stalks

Small enough
To be missed
Silent, vital.

Bright enough
To be noticed.

If interviewed
For breaking news.
"What can you tell us
About the current situation
Facing the earth right now?"

"Now you see us,
Now you don't.
We die
Before you all die."

Arctic Lament

The bears are dying
And they don't know why
And I cry
To think
That they don't know
Why, when we pour
The leftovers of our vast lives
Into, out, over
Seeping, Soaking, floating
Killing the bears.

Sun Bear

Look at the bear.
Big tree climbing
Sun bear; sleek
Brownish, bold
Eating fruit in high branches
Climbing with claws unsheathed.

Sun, one- up- a trunk
Bear; bark catching on fur
Firm and smooth. Small
Bright beads of eyes
Leading, needing to
See, seek berries,

Be careful bear
Beware, the human hand holding
Heavy, helpful gear.
Grand insatiable interest
In you, bear.
Barely there.