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Linley Edmeades
New Zealand

Moka's Utu - Penny Howard
I live in the little community of Te Kowhai, Waikato. I write poetry in between working as a physiotherapist, growing herbs and enjoying my children and grand children.

Red is for Danger

The Kaka hides red feathers

Underneath it’s wings;


By chief and king.

Kaka cannot run.

The Takahe has a large

Red cutting beak.

He snips his grass,

Traps insects. Meek,

He mates for life.

There is a man

In a red museum office

Who keeps little dead birds

In a wooden drawer. Stiff,

Easy to lift out.

A thrush has made

A nest

In the red fingers

Of the honeysuckle.

Just try to walk quietly please.

Lewis Carroll at Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton, NZ)

There is a softing, wing breeze

And ruflette, rilly waves.

The tecal decal ducks

Awake from feathered caves.

The tall, tentalonned trees

Discuss the lifter weather.

Green, grevally twisting leaves

And plume-piked tufts endeavour

To steal your learned, lethand mind

And teach it grand, new things.

Be vigilant and vagrous now,

Before your heart grows wings.