Loketi Niua Papaha’amea Latu

New Zealand

the end

you see me
you read me
where are the Gods
of my ancestors
why do they forsake me

maui are you
too busy
to hear my cries
ma'afu-toka spear the sun
from awakening
ma'afu-lele demand the stars
not to shine

why do you allow
me to even cry
tu'i malila be swift
come to me
did you not foresee
the death inside
of me

va'elaveamata will you send
sinilau mana'ia to awaken
I demand the trees
flowers too
to all lay wilted
be dead

wake up ngalu toutai
bathe yourself at 'onemato
go deep into the sea
destroy it
destroy it for me
then take the ha'apai men
and play a game of kasivaki
come entertain me

where is the moko
always told to me
appear, show yourself
I want to sit
I want to watch
Fehuluni's eyes taken
from its sockets

I care not for these
so called white missionaries
forcing me into
clothes and hiding
the gifts born to me

why can't I dance
the ula
who are they to stop me
I want to taste
the flesh of my enemies
take me teach me
what a feast it will be

I want to watch
the me'etu'upaki
seat me next to Tu'i-taa-tui
I want to break
some knees
with one hit
and smile with glee

in whose bed
at night
shall i be
as his chosen sinifu company
what number will I be
burried alive
in his tomb
pure ecstacy
surely this can't be
the end


it is I, Hina
do you remember
my name
do you know
it is me

I weaved thousands of falas'
cooked your haka
fingers caloused
for your lau nima
why do you call me

do you not
smell the pako
tevunga, mohokoi
langakali and pipi
my bathing pulu
oiled me with
each night you
pinned me down

has drinking kava
numbed your brain
of my name
did you forget
gifting me last night
to the Tu'i Lakemba
which you called
'ofa faka-Tonga

send mohe-kono-kono
in Kaumavae's hands to me
will 9 blows
to your head
recall my name

stand aside Ngaluafe
'umu tangata's rocks
hiss hot red
La'ahilimai and I
will feast tonight
sweet will be his fleash
father of Tongan Kings
was his name

hide me Tafakula
send for tenifa
take me away
save me Kava-Mo'unga'one
my hands are tainted red
with blood
of my anger

It is me
cursed to roam
body dead
once adored
as your lover
it is I Hina
the mother of Tonga

there is no me
there is no I
only we
no one remembers my name
call to me
only in a dream
it is I