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Leitu Tufuga
New Zealand

Taipari O Maraea - Penny Howard
Leitu Tufuga is of Samoan and Tongan decent. Her father's village is Asau, Savaii. Her mother is Samoan/Tongan from Vailoa, Alepata - Apia and Houma, Tonga Tapu.
Brought up in Mangere, South Auckland, educated in Victoria University of Wellington and Auckland University. Works for Auckland Council as a community facilitator in community development. P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A. which has been a movement of our pacifica women over 30 years from the birthing of the early migration. Leitu’s been the youngest chair Tamaki P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A branch and active being part of the P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A movement.

Tamaiti of Tagaloa -Children of Tagaloa

This is poem is a reflection of friends who are all children of Tagaloa. A reflection of the islands in the Pacific and the super inner powers we have inside as children of the Pacifica.

Tamaiti of Tagaloa

Tasi (one)

His son,
made from Niue
Fibres of strong grace
Stains the ground with might,
Son, Son, Son …
calls Tagaloa
Bright stars show ahead
Time to shine my tama
Others will ride the wave I make..
You however…
You will make many
Take your lima (hands)
Claim pools of fresh waters
Grains of Crystal sands
Maunga from elders
Gifted for you my tama…
Pati ,Pati,Po!
Tattooed with my blood
Is the mark of Niue
My tama.

Tamaiti of Tagaloa


His daughter
Nestled in Cook Islands,
Fibres of sweet frangipani, & Coconut oil.
Teine, Teine, Teine
calls Tagaloa
The birds sing..
Only of charm, wit & heart of you
Time to fly my daughter
Your song sings sounds
only of just and cause
take your lima (hands)
Pati, Pati, Po!
I choose you my daughter
To sing chants of only birds,
Claim your voice comes with
swaying hips in your dance,
Oh my teine,
Such beauty of life
Tattooed with my blood
Of wonder & mystery
My teine

Tamaiti of Tagaloa

Tolu (Three)

His son
Born in Cook Islands,
Fibres of the luscious mango & sweet pineapple
Sings to souls in good faith
Son, Son, Son…
Calls Tagaloa
Clouds are whispering..
Cast your net my tama
Listen to the soft waves of talanoa
Take your lima (hands)
Pati, Pati, Po
I have choosen you
My tama
Your tongue of languages…
Your voice will awaken those who moe
Claim the thunder ,lightening
My tama
Tattooed in my blood
Lures lyrical songs
Sung by lips of yours only

Tamaiti of Tagaloa

Fa (four)

His daughter
Born in Samoa
She relevantly waits …
Teine, Teine, Teine
calls Tagaloa
The Taupou of the aiga.
Born with a fragrance of the Moso'oi,
Fibres of healing Aloe to touch
You my daughter have been choosen
By the fire of the lava to lead,
Take my lima (hand)
Pati, Pati, Po!
Listen to the fire roaring with might,
Your heart heats up
As you claim to heal and love aloud…
My teine,
Your touch will awaken beautiful souls to roam and guide others,
Renew life with your markings echoed on your legs
Tattooed in my blood
Are shapes of friends of vai moana,
Aligned are stars to guide
As you bath in the vai,
Your touch ripples courage, love and peace

Tamaiti of Tagaloa

Lima (five)

His Son,
Made in Tongatapu
Fibres of strength from the Blowholes
Springs life of new water
Son, Son, Son …
calls Tagaloa
My tama
the sun sets on your shoulders,
Rise my tama,
Your footprints stain of pure natural oil,
Your shadow gives shade to the weak.
Take your lima (hands)
Pati, Pati, Po!
Claim your strength as your pillar
Use the clouds as your guide
Guard your kaiga
Gifted for you my tama…
Pati ,Pati,Po!
Tattooed with my blood
Is the mark of Tongatapu
My tama.