Larry Jaffe
Larry is one of my favorite poets in the world, ' guess you gotta hear him read to know why so many love larry. He is honest , cool, his humility inspires. The guy Rocks - ok.
Larry is widely published all over the web and his publications : Jewish Soulfood, Eating the rain and more are available on line (click on Image).
Larry is a true, poet of the people...enjoy! - Doug Poole Editor
One eyed splendor

I see you with one eye because
my other eye is too busy
confronting reality.
With my right eye
I take in your grace and beauty
while my other eye
is jaundiced by the man in rags
begging for food or drink
and maybe work.

Then I see your smile
working hard to get my attention
but when I watch the news
about some drive by shooting
of children
my attention is split
and now I have one eye crying
and the other
smiling back at you

My life feels crossed
as my eyes peel away
in opposite directions.
One eye wants to enjoy life
and the other crying because of it.
It splits me apart
right down the middle
and its not that I don't love you
I just don't know how
to love life
when it looks at me
this way.

I always keep one eye
peeled for trouble
and the other aimed for pleasure.
Life has me coming and going
I have to look both ways
when I cross the street
but I cannot wait
for the light to change
to make my moves.
I cannot wait for permission
mother may I?
To breathe my life.

My fingers fly across
my keyboard
creating beauty
in peoples lives
so undernourished
by pain.
My one eye feeling
the blemish
my other trying
to be optomistic.
But I am having trouble
because I paid the wrong dues
and now my membership is up.

And when I see you lying
there in erotic slumber
I want to close my bad eye.

I want to close my bad eye
when i walk down the street
even if it is Beverly Hills
because behind that facade
of the rich and famous
lie this empty rice bowl soul.

And I want ot close my bad eye
because it cries so damn much
and on that side I am running out of tears
tears of submission
tears of admission
tears of seduction tears of reduction
tears of invalidation
tears of evaluation
to many damn tears bleeding
from that damn eye.

While the other stays awake
doing crossword puzzles
and writing love songs
and perhaps dripping
a tear of joy now and then.

But things are way out of balance
my tear ducts are out of balance
my emotions no longer harmonious

I see shadows playing in darkness
and I wonder
if my good eye
has any tears to spare.

Unprotected Poetry Version 3.0

i had unprotected poetry last night
it was unexpected you know
spontaneous and we did not use anything
we just went at it to keep the mood
it was incredible but not safe
and now i am worried
cause it can be infectious and dangerous
to say things without a condom
it could be disastrous to speak without protection
and a guy should not have unprotected poetry
he should take more responsibility than that
not just leave it up to the girl
what kind of guy would just go off
without some sort of protection
what are the consequences
i'm not sure and now i'm scared
it was so irresponsible of me
to have unprotected poetry
to not even ask or consult
her about poetry control methods
she might be using, 'gulp', or not using!
what if she gets poetically pregnant
and wants to have my poem
or worse what if she has some kind of
Poetically Transmitted Disease
you know, PTD, or what if i do
and we have to wait and see what happens
taking regular poetry tests to see if we've got it
but wow we actually did it last night
we had poetry
how many people in this day and age have
pure unprotected poetry
we both really enjoyed it
we soared like angels without wings
never coming down, just coming,
poetically that is,
what a high to hit that climax and feel
like you will never ever be mortal again
now that you have had unprotected poetry
who can protect you
now that you have had unsafe poetry
and want to do it again & again & again
cause you know it just don't feel the same
with a poetic condom
it blocks all the feeling and the flow and the words
the words
are stopped short with safe protected poetry
and i will never write that way again.