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Mike Collins
New Zealand

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Mike Collins lives in Albany Auckland where he is studying for a BA in English at Massey University.
Mike writes, This year I did a Creative Writing paper and that is where the Haiku originated. These Haiku poems are about images I can remember. The poem "Eh Bomb?" is about the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima during WWII. I mostly get the ideas from things I read or experience then re-contextualise them into poetry. The purpose is to create striking images for the reader.

Eh? Bomb

A shard of broken glass
lies waiting on the floor
for the return
of the

In a doorway,
a young girl stoops
attempting once more
to straighten
a bent

A roadside drunk
wakes to wind whistling
over the brim
of his last

In a sudden burst,
a white light flashes through Honshu
and birds become
flying torches
against blue

Leaving only shadows,
the black cloud rises
as if trying to
follow these


Many boxes stacked
in a tan-glowing and soon
lonely spare room

A tired building
stood weeping orange stains
from one gaping crack

Among old grass lies
a half-full brown bottle
open and sideways