blackmail press 31  Marginalization
Michele Fermanis- Winward

Marginalization - Pauline Canlas Wu
Michele Fermanis-Winward. Sculpture major then taught art to disabled teens. While pursuing a visual arts career she secretly wrote poetry. Home is Blackheath, west of Sydney and St. Kilda, Melbourne. And poetry now directs her life.

Behind Locked Doors                                                            

The blade cuts slow
inhale a stifled cry
then softly whimper to yourself.
Begin to rock - forward and back
blood trickling down your thigh
another slice – it pulses out
the wild intensity of pain
how sharp and mean.
Behind locked doors
old scars exposed -  now split apart
it gives relief
to mutilate time and again.
Under your jeans - the secret kept
from parents or a teacher’s shock.
You have it all – good family
home, bright future, friends
expected to be grateful
but you’re not – the pointless
endless emptiness is what you see.
Alone at night and with a knife
this pain - is one you can control.