blackmail press 27
Mariana Isara
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
This poem is part of a series of self portraits that explore found text and identity. Each portrait gleans words from a found source (in this case a book of Samoan grammar) and rearranges them (infrequently adding bridging words) to create a small sketch of self. 

Another self portrait was published in the NZ Listener and several more are forthcoming in Deep South.

Self portrait as Everyday Samoan II (Samoan Grammar)

  To start on a journey early in the morning

to enter a house

           to draw water

to open

           to sieve the blood

to cry with a low moaning voice

           to reach the root

to draw water

           to cry with a low moaning voice

to ripen the singing

           to bring through, as canoes through the reef

to yield