Hateful Context of a Crappy Day

Check me out

said the Moore Wilsons

check out girl.

I said I had no time

(and besides)

I stole a single clove of garlic.

Hastily leaving

telling no one upon

receiving no repercussions.

To go into the coffee shop

obnoxious ostentatious

personality in tow.

Ordering a drink

undeserving of the name

iced mochaccino with oat milk.

Imposter syndrome

through the prism

of a morning show divulgence.

A cookie

and an iced mocha


Madeline Kain, I am an undergraduate student in Wellington. Through my poetry I explore my own narratives and thoughts, as a means to understand lived experiences. I create scrapbooks as a record of dialogue which cannot always be communicated orally, from parts of myself and lives beyond mine.

I am passionate about writing poetry that is injected with societal critique. Each poem lies within a broader landscape of my life as a young New Zealander and contains different personal experiences such as mental illness, sexual violence, drug abuse and self-discovery. I am drawn to contradictions: hopelessness and hope, growing and odiously comparing oneself, jovial humour and self-deprecation, infatuation and love. I hope that what I write can make the reader feel there is someone else tucked into another corner of their world who relates to their emotional/lived experiences. To simply provoke an inquiring thought or any sort of resonance in someone else's mind through poetry is a gift.