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Maryanne Pale
New Zealand

Moka's Utu - Penny Howard
Poetry writing is something that Maryanne has loved since she was younger. Her inspiration to write is drawn from many different life experiences.
Maryanne Pale is of Tongan ethnicity with Samoan ancestoral roots.  She was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.  She has been a member of the South Auckland Poets Collective since 2010. She is a Community Worker, Mentor, Registered Teacher and currently a PhD student at the School of Arts, Literacies & Languages, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland.  Poetry is her form of expressive art.



We step forth onto a path lead by heavy laden footsteps
We overcome life’s testings
We are determined souls who breathe life onto words written on paper
Inspired by elders who walk in the shoes of a change maker
Prepare to take flight
Moulded with encouragement as we continue to strive

New generations trudging through global soils
Tonga mo'unga ki he loto
Hope lines the depths of our hearts
As we too reach out to the moon
Tangata Pasifika in a canoe of a different kind
We continue to paddle against the high tides
Let the tears of those before us nurture the foundation that we stand on!

Tangata Pasifika! Tangata Pasifika!




A piece inspired by Sinai Pale

She rejoices in God with a grateful heart & a joyful spirit
She possesses the ability to genuinely say to another woman:
“I admire your qualities and attributes”
She is blessed with a giving heart and a willingness to help others
She consoles others even though she too is hurting

She learns from her mistakes and acknowledges that she too is not perfect
She speaks with words of wisdom and not malice
From the mouths of destruction, her smile remains unshaken
She lifts her head and continues to walk in the midst of turmoil

She inspires other women to be the best they can be
With her life experiences, she touches the lives of a multitude
She remains determined to be the best person SHE can be
She smiles every time she says “I LOVE YOU”

She has the courage to take the fall for another
She is not too proud to say “I need you”
When her tears fall, she prays faithfully
When others turn their back on her, she still continues to pray faithfully

She is humble enough to admit when she is wrong
Through betrayl and talk, she remains secure in knowing who she is
She is loving enough to say “I forgive you”
She is at peace with herself without having the need to prove herself to anyone

She values her self-worth and she reminds other women of theirs
She is not pretentious but instead she presents herself just as she is...


Nostalgia overshadowed by mountains of grief
Your beautiful life, passed on has left our family in disbelief
Sadness slowly combs through all emotions inside
A colourless day, prolonged as feelings subside

Silence recurring at regular intervals over time
Unanswered questions lead back to me asking “Why?!”
Struggling to grapple with the reality to farewell
I know this is life but to say goodbye that is hell

Immense sadness now line the depths of my soul
How do I farewell you when I wasn’t prepared to let go
Tears welling, fists clenching, my head hung low
A tremendous loss, heart-felt, such a heavy blow

Heart races, screams protruding as I struggle to remain composed
“Where are you? Can you hear me? Can you feel my heart’s woes?”
On a mountain top, alone, is where I yearn to stand
To helplessly reach out with the hope you’ll touch my hand

“BREATHE! BROTHER BREATHE!” as I continue to hear my family speak
Whispers and murmurs become a blanket of sweet memories
“SCREAM! BROTHER SCREAM!” as my inner voice seeks silent space
My eyes close as I dread what I’m about to embrace


Unique though somewhat familiar, how your words break through these walls foolishly placed around this heart of mine
Through the qualms of this life your spirit embraced my world without a doubt in your mind
Distance created by the ocean waves, hope remains afloat against the rising tides
As each passing day measures true love up against the test of time

Early morning dew drops fall in 'Okalani as the preparation of a midday feast fills the northern hemisphere
Time & space set beyond our control, carefully crafting the love that we share
In this time and in this world, true love exists though to find it is very rare
Our love remains resilient with strong pillars of faith laced with heartfelt prayers

My smile unfolds at the harmonious sound of the black & white keys
As each note is synchronised, worries subside as my heart continues to believe
I cherish every moment that you call through just to serenade me
With a musical piece so soothing, it's like oil adding calmness to the sea

Murmurs of prayers echo in the night as the moonlight reaches out to provide comfort
Anxiously awaiting the coming of the sun, as the moon whispers 'be patient'
Constellations beam from the night sky thus creating an ambience of hope as my heart accepts it
Through time & space growth is inevitable, incredible with where love sits

Sensitivity turns into responsibility awakened by the morning sun
How time is the essence of this life through a beautiful distraction for this bountiful love
Survived the cold & lonely winter, now through spring quietly anticipating the unforseen that summer will bring
A hopeful reunion so sweet like the melody that the morning birds sing


Pacific Fringe 2011
The feast that has brought us together
Under one roof of the Mangere Arts Centre
Celebrating strands of gifts & talents
Woven into a basket filled with God's blessings

I see you my sister strive
And you my brother come alive
In the work that you do
I see you come through
For your loved ones at home, not deterred by the pessimistic
Driven, nurtured by love, simplistic, realistic

My Pasifika brothers
Sail into freedom exempt from the colour of your skin
My Pasifika sisters
Stand with broad shoulders, let strength flow out from within
My Proud Mothers
Hold strong, embrace each child like your native language
My Proud Fathers
Protectors of your famili, aiga, whanau, your family

Mangere, tie your laces
And walk the path that your ancestors left you to follow
Step over puddles of confusion
With fresh eyes you plan for tomorrow
Dress yourself with courage
And all that it perpetuates
Accentuate, gravitate, celebrate

Steer clear of those who hinder your dreams
Instead surround your being with those who lead by humility
Continue to thrive
Continue to live your life with pride
Extend your helping hand
Help your family rise

Lift your eyes to the horizon
Change comes with challenging pathways
Navigating, crusading, pulsating heartbeats
Feel the mana, the pride, the respect that beats within
With beautiful young minds hungry to learn
Stand tall Mangere, it's now your turn