Mua Strickson-Pua
Linda's Song - Mua Strickson- Pua
Mua Strickson-Pua Aotearoa born Samoan Chinese ancestoral villages of Malaela Upolu and PapaSataua Savaii. Canton China. Aiga/whanau Purcell, Pua, and Laiman.

Co founder of STREET POETS BLACK 1982 Maori & Pacific Islands street theatre telling our stories. Formerly based in Palmerston North. North island "Polynesian Time" tour of 86.

Pioneer of P.A.T.H. Pasifika Art & Therapy for Healing programme at Tagata Pasifika Resources & Development Trust working with at risk youth, damaged families, and Pacific nations communities. 1995-2005.

Producer of CAFE SPACIFIC venue to Pasifika Hip Hop and Poetry 1996-2002 Karangahape Rd the only Pacific Hip Hop & poetry venue promoting Pacific artists for the community telling our stories. Hosted by Pasifika Poets Collective.

Community Arts Curator Tagata Pasifika Space Karangahape Road 1996-2005.An opportunity for students and family members to tell their personal stories through their individual or group exhibitions. Aiga/whanau exhibitions are welcomed.

Producer of Samoa House Pasifika Hip Hop & Poetry venue 2003-2005
Hosted by Pasifika Poets Collective.

Radio projects:
Koori Radio Sydney fortnightly 10 minute slot 2004-2005
Niu FM Breakfast Show Gig guide fortnightly 2003-2005
Reo Atumotu 1593 Breakfast host, Sports, & Youth programme producer 1994-1998.
Otago FM Student radio Pacific weekly hour show DJ & Producer 1987-1989.

I Have always incorporated poetry & Pasifika Poets Collective for readings and performances.
I am a performance poet, exhibited artist via Lavalava Arts, Story teller, Comedian, Free style rapper/MC, and Community Arts Curator.

My Kaupapa is telling my Pacific stories via Pasifika Hip Hop, Arts, & Poetry. Empowering, Educating, and Entertaining.
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You're Not A Real Samoan - Mua Strickson- Pua
Samoan From Foreign Soil  - Mua Strickson- Pua