blackmail press 38
Maddie Tangataevaha & Hele Ikimotu
Word Up 2014 Runner Up - Spoken Word

Maddie Tangataevaha and Hele Ikimotu
This talented duo have only been together for about 3 months, but have been  
performing a lot in that time.  They are motivated to challenge the perception of Pacific Islanders as under achievers, and rid this notion through their poetry, proving that they have the potential to succeed.  They have been fortunate to be involved in "Word: The Frontline", a national  interschool spoken word competition.  Maddie also started a "Game of Throne"s cult at her school, and Hele describes himself as skinny on the outside, fat on the inside. 


She waits in the cold dark night
Her porcelain skin glimmers
The street light tells her shes beautiful
Adding emphasis onto her petitie frame
And eyes of hidden fear
Her shadow creeps behind her
Wishing they were in control
Wishing their human form would just walk away
Wishing they weren’t camouflaged with the surrounding darkness
I, shrouded in the confines of a safe environment
Ears entertained with soothing melodies
She, with passing pupils plastering themselves onto her fragile body
Her ears bleeding with torturous definitions
I, with warmth embracing every part of myskin
Heart weeping as hope is created for her with the outcome of rejection
She, with the thin air whispering exploitation onto her bare chest
Mockery invites itself
Parking next to her silhouetted income
Burns her purse with an uproar of laughter
She will take it no more
Her fist introduces itself to their hatred
They leave her home
Her road
K road
Evil road
Sad road
Only road which makes her feel valid

She flirts with the enemies
Flirts with the enemies
Flirts with the enemies
The sound of her high heels

As she approaches the tinted window of her master
Ready to be a victim of the unknown
Arrives in a concealed room of sin
Her body, now being used as if it was a commodity of trade
A silent tear runs down her cheek as her comfort zone is stripped
She inhales his intoxicated breath of infidelity
Her vision becomes blurred as she fakes pleasure and satisfaction
She zones out, the sound of the clock drowning in her ear drums
tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
And when he's done
He opens his wallet
And closes her legs

She waits in the cold dark night