Mepa Taufa-Vuni
Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Cover Image - Pauline Wu 2017
Bleeding Rainbow
  (to Noah’s Nana)

One of my best friends

Is a mixture of all different bloods

Her blood is bleeding rainbow

She’s quarter Chinese

Her daughter’s long straight black hair

A memory of many miles of ocean

Told from an era of fading memory

She’s eighth Indian

Her son’s features

Follow this story closely

She’s quarter Cook Island

The sway of her moko’s hips

Like waves in Raro

And lali drumming his movements

She’s quarter Samoan

Her puletasi tattoos her ancestor’s history

She’s eighth Pākehā

Her language mirrors this whakapapa

She’s eighth Māori

Her footprints on the whenua

Fingerprints on her whanau

Voices of her forefathers

Drifting across the ocean

Her blood is a bleeding rainbow

Of our diversity in Aotearoa

Tongan born Author and Poet, Mepa Taufa-Vuni, is a mother of four beautiful children, Sione Fangu, Taaniela, Nanise and Litea. Her husband Siaosi Vuni is a great supporter of her work. A graduate from the University of Auckland and the University of the South Pacific. Mepa works as a maths specialist at Fairburn School at Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand.