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Owen Bullock
New Zealand

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Owen Bullock writes songs, stories, scripts and haiku as well as poetry.

Mr Anapol is civil
with thanks to Michael Chabon

The ducks may laugh
I’ve done nothing
but do my job

Those boys don’t see the world
through the iron grill
of the slum or manhole cover,
not the grill
but how much the grill costs
does it come from nothing
does no-one smelt and bolt
and haul and redress this city
into existence
into what it is today
into food in a hurry
pork chops & fried eggs
from the cafeteria
does that come from art
do those fools think for one minute
they could run a cafeteria
or a publishing house
Sammy might
but aint he going down the grill
going out west, star of tv!
oh chuck em a rotten loaf of bread
stop em quackin’!


the third kind of teacher makes you love him – paraphrased from Anne Michaels

am I that kind?
am I only here to make you
love me?
did Anne mean this in more
positive kind?
that’s what the pupil
would want, would need
to love the teacher
to feel them as a parent
to their childhood?
yes, yes. I can help you!


place is your heart – Anne Michaels

is that place my heart
where the stones speak of ancestors
your deeds now & to come
where stones are your fathers
& know the path you’ll take
they can call you
but you may not come
they treat you with respect
guiding without giving
unasked for advice


The only book I’d write again
is our bodies closing together.
That’s the language that stirs,
scars, breathes into you.
Naked we had voices!- Anne Michaels

we sang in that language
& the song never ended

“promises come from fear”

I miss your body
receiving all my love
in its trembling
& surrender