Portionte Floes
Portionte` Floes the poet, soulful expressionist, and vocalist, currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Her poetry is refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny, and the list goes on. 
Every poem within her collection is prolific in its own right.  Her use of rhyme and intellect are ingenious!

Miz Portionte` Floes performs weekly at the “Soul Shop” Spoken Word venue,
in Seattle, WA, as well as Wallingford’s, Wonder Bar.  Using the stage name Miz Floes, Portionte` has dubbed her technique as "Soulful Expression" (reciting and singing her imaginative verses with the accompaniment of a Live  Jazz / Funk / Soul Band)!
The genre of the music varies depending on the piece being performed.

Not only, a Soulful Expressionist; Portionte` is also a published author!
Her thought invoking book of poetry titled, I’m Still Growing Vol.1, hit the bookshelves and cyber stores, on May 02, 2005!  This floetic, insightful, masterpiece can also be found inside any branch of the King County Library System. 

In honor of Junteenth, Portionte`, with the assistance of a local vocalist, Rcurtis Fantpayne, and a few local producers, created a three track, soulful expression CD titled, Blaque Reign.  She sold out during the Junteenth celebration, for which they were created.  This CD has gained international exposure, reaching audiences as far away as Thailand & Australia!

Recently, this author / poet placed three additional notches in her tool belt of talents.  Portionte` has just completed the task of writing her 1st Spoken Word / Soulful Expression Stage Production, ROYALTY, and is currently casting for the production. ROYALTY will air “Live” on SCAN TV, (77 / Public Access Channel).  While writing this affirmative, inspiring, stage production, this author / poet / playwright, was also putting her share of hours in at Emerson77 Studios.  Her new CD titled, SOULFUL SUBSTANCE, is completed, pressed, and ready for sale!   Lastly, as an entertainment reporter, Portionte` puts on her production, Portionte` Put Me On!  On this show she offers exposure to local bands.  Each band leader is given a 2 minute interview and allowed to provide viewers with contact information as well as show locations and times.  The band will also be given a 5 minute timeframe to perform live! Portionte` Put Me On airs on SCAN TV weekly!

·BLACK REIGN 2004 a poetry CD project in honor of Junteenth
·SOULFUL SUBSTANCE- 2005 Eighteen track poetry / jazz  CD project
·Rcurtis & The Soul Stay Shun – background vocalist for Sound Transit’s Central Link Ground Breaking  2003
·The Luvof_Music – featured poet / vocalist 2004 -Project of Rcurtis Fantpayne’s
·My Gift 2 U! – featured poet - 2005 Christmas project of Rcurtis Fantpayne’s
(aired on KYIZ FM & 89.5 AM)
·Rcurtis & The Soul Stay Shun – background vocalist / poet for featured band 2004 & 2005 at The Bite of Seattle on the KJR 95.7 & KISS 106.1 stages
·Rcurtis & The Soul Stay Shun – featured band 2004at the Taste of Tacoma on the KISS stage
·Rcurtis & The Soul Stay Shun Featured band at the Central Area Community Festival 2004
·Rcurtis & The Soul Stay Shun Featured band at Lyle’s Smokehouse in Tacoma’s 4th of July Celebration.
·Featured poet on a spoken word compilation CD for
Paper Tiger Magazine 2005

Love is

Love is what a man feels for his woman

It's the soft gentle touch of her tiny fingertips
It's in her kiss
In her smile
It's in the
Curvature of her hips

When he sips
It's her
That he's drinking
All the while he's thinking

Of the two of them together
Through rain and sleet and snow or.

Don't get it twisted
He's not enlisted
He's enjoying his sentence
Inside the confines of her love
She is his
His personal angel
Sent from Heaven above

Aint no mountain's peek
To steep
Since the first day
They played hide and seek
She's made him weak

Its kind,
Its not easily provoked
It's considerate,
It's true and unselfish

It's new; it's more than his heart
Has ever dealt with

It's Love
Its - Love
Its - Love

It's the way he makes her melt
It's the glee her heart never felt

Never felt
Before the day the little girl
Met the little boy

In his company she found it
That once in a lifetime joy

And now that they've grown
Into the splendor
They are today

She is more than sure
She wouldn't have it
Any other way

Aint nothing fake
She made no mistake
They bought the cake
And she bore his namesake

It's Love
Its - Love

Nothing and no one can penetrate
Their solid foundation
It's more than the average heart
Is allowed to feel

Its confident, firm, polished
Like steel
It's the real deal

It's Love
Its- Love
Its love

It makes the world go round
It turns lives upside down

It's what provides a mother with the courage
To risk her life for her baby
It's the power of knowing instead of thinking
Well maybe

It's Love
It's Love

It's mutual between my man and me
It's like to the 1 billionth degree

Yeah it's Love
it's the power living inside us all
Even lil 'ol me

Well hello there
I've come to share
Life's education
Deserves and desires celebration

4 A Reason

Some folks say everything happens for a reason
I say. that's a fact, the reason was an act,
Or a reaction, maybe a mutual attraction, possibly a temporary satisfaction
Could've been. as complicated as a situation, that came about due to intoxication, or maybe just an intellectual conversation
Well whatever the occasion, whatever the persuasion,
Whatever the season, it is true that everything does. happen for a reason

Now I don't know if it happened due to the fact that it was the first date, and you waited too late
To steal the first kiss, I don't know.maybe you missed
Maybe he or she wasn't your type, could be that you saw through all the hype, its possible that you saw stars and they saw stripes, or maybe you took a hit of the joint and they took a hit off the pipe
I don't know where it started or ended, it my sincere hope that I haven't offended, this thing called life, cuz its splendid, I can only be me, I aint never pretended

To be anyone other than myself, within me I hold a wealth
Of information handed down from the generations before me, I don't want to bore thee, and please do not ignore me

Cuz its true.
Nothing happens without reason
It's either the fact, or the act,
The reaction, mutual attraction, temporary satisfaction
The complicated situation, as a result of intoxication or intellectual conversation
Whatever the occasion, no matter what persuasion,
Whenever the season, remember that everything does happen for a reason

It's so very cold

It’s so very cold
So cold
So cold to me
So very cold

Frost on the leaves
Brisk is the breeze
As my fingers freeze
And the pain shoots through my knees

I see a snowflake suspended in mid air
As if it were suspended in time
Against all reason and any rhyme
In the light of lime

However splendid…the snowflake isn’t the feature
It is I
The delicate creature

Who is caught up in the snow storm of my reality
In danger of freezing and becoming a fatality

At the cost
Of the frost

Its so very cold
So cold
So cold to me
So  very cold

Needing purpose and reason
In search of a sunny season

In need of a melt
A moment in time
When my spirit felt

Freedom of degradation
And frustration

The instant my fortitude
was flooded with Adoration

As I slept I dreamed
Of  soft fluffy pillow clouds and
silky, baby blue, sunlit skies

I skipped along the streets on a rainbow
In a world where no one ever cries

A world of perfect piece
And love copiously
Sheer beauty

By chance
I woke from my trance

Forced to push rewind
I was awakened to find

Much to my dismay
Horrendous weather conditions again today

It’s so very cold


Who am I?
I am the one

I am the one who creates an orphan every sixty seconds
When last verified
My record was 14 million and still going strong

Who are my targets?
The homosexual, the lesbian, the drug addict, the prostitute,
The African American, Caucasian, and the list goes on

What am I doing?
Due to your ignorance, I’m moving through and infecting
Your communities at a terrifyingly rapid pace
And I won’t stop until I’ve wiped out the entire human race
I’m all up in your face
Putting you all in the same place

I’m on a killing spree
Taking everybody out
Scientist think their close to a cure
This I highly doubt
Too few humans know what I’m about

While the junkie shoots the dope into his vein
And the date rapist goes bareback to experience the real thang

That’s when I’m makin my move
Striking with vengeance and intent to kill
I’ll get you fo sho’

You could avoid sharing needles
Get regular check ups, use condoms
Or hell
You could just say no!

You can go to the library and educate yourself
If you wanna live
You’d better do something
I’m detrimental to your health

I’ll rob you of your hopes and dream
Kill your relatives and all your friends

I’ll be back for you later
Maybe six months, maybe seven years
It really just depends

on whether or not
you’re taking care of yourself
I don’t care about your status or wealth

With determination
I take the roads less traveled
Making my way through your bloodstream
Attacking your vital organs prior to whisking you away

Are you ready for judgment day
You’d better take heed to what I say

My quest
To continue until I have obliterated mankind
I have no love for you
You’re no friend of mine

I just want your last breath
But only after I’ve rotted your skin to the bone

Who am I
you ask
a vicious murderer
my tag is AIDS
full name
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Smile Are Not Genuine - Portionte Floes