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POLYNATION - Queensland Poetry Festival 2008

Polynation performance poetry show featured Tusiata Avia (editor, director, performance coach), Doug Poole (producer), Selina Tusitala Marsh, Tim Page, Karlo Mila, Daren Kamali, Serie Barford, Rev. Mua Strickson Pua, Kathryn Hayward-Nathan.

Polynation was performed twice in 2008, at the Queensland Poetry Festival (2008) and Going West (2008). The show achieved high acclaim from audiences at both festivals. Tim Page recorded the performance in Queensland. We present for the first time the show in its entirety.
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Polynation Part 1.

Polynation Live at Queensland Poetry Festival 23 August 2008 - Selina Tusitala Marsh - "Fast Talking PI" opens the show. Serie Barford follows. Karlo Mila follows with "Floorshow from the Southside". Rev Mua Strickson Pua follows with "Our Pacific is Not Small". Tusiata Avia ends part 1.
Polynation Part 2.

Doug Poole performs "Pouliuli 8". Selina Tusitala Marsh "Fast Talking PI part 2". Rev Mua Strickson Pua follows with "Malae La". Daren Kamali follows with "Island Girls".
Polynation Part 3.

Serie Barford and Karlo Mila duet "Luamanuvao". Kathryn Hayward-Nathan performs "Hikoi". Tusiata Avia performs next followed up by Rev. Mua Strickson Pua.

Polynation Part 4.

Serie Barford performs "Tapa Talk". Doug Poole performs "AKA P.C. Bully". Karlo Mila performs "A Well Written Body". Selina Tusitala Marsh performs "Fast talking P.I. part 3". Tusiata Avia finishes part four with the powerful "Wild Dogs, Under My Skirt".
Polynation Part 5.

Tim Page performs the theme song for Polynation "White Rose". Rev. Mua up next with "Samoans and Trains", followed by Daren Kamali with "Viti". Kathryn Hayward-Nathan performs "Walk A Path Together", followed by Rev. Mua with "You Are Not A Real Samoan". Serie Barford performs the beautiful poem "Sensitive Grass".
Polynation Part 6.

Tusiata Avia and Selina Tusitala Marsh duet "Guys Like Gauguin". Karlo Mila performs "No Words For Us". Rev. Mua perorms "Plastic Flowers". Doug Poole performs "Ulberg Reunion".
Polynation Part 7.

The troupe perform "We Are Polynation". Final Karakia performed by Kathryn Hayward-Nathan". End Credits.