New Zealand

Rosebud is a Wellington poet who writes mainly Spoken Word and song lyrics.

She is inspired by Olde-Worldy writings especially Romantic and Gothic styles and some of her main influences for her spoken word writings are bands/musicians/writers like Cranes, Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave, Anita Lane, and Kate Bush.

She is currently completing a compilation of her own collection of poetry and muses in a small unique handmade book self titled ‘Softly~Chimed Midnight Delights’.  She has plans to work on a spoken word CD in 2005.


(After The Lover)

My Sub-Rosa rises from her bed
Languidly foot stepping onto the marbled floor
She stares out the window
Where birds sing and butterflies roam free,
And a light soft white cloud drifts by

My Sub-Rosa, her body, petite, long and slim
Infatuates my sight as I see her long silken ringlets of hair
Caressing down her body bare
Flesh, pale and rain-tinted as the river
She dreams of love

Her lips glisten an’ bleed as a blood red rose, innocent and new in spring
And her baby-brown eyes stare out into a wilderness of flowerette mystery
She forlornly sits and stares into the night
She is my flower
And I watch her inside my bell chamber from across the garden site
I wonder, does she see me?
And if she knows I am here, does she dream for me like I dream for her?


Subliminal love-nymph maiden
Swims beneath glistening waters

Her ineffable falling

Spells of soft enchantments
Flowers mystique-mirrored love


Formless movements lie still
Remaining in their delicate position
Of another time and space

In the garden flowers bloom so sweet
And I see you in their wispy scents that loom
Like a cloud of mist into this quiet night's atmosphere.


In the garden of summer roses
I bewilder in the darkness
In the lonely scented hour

Cupids pierce my heart
Behold, then fall upon my delicate playful star
I am dreaming

Falling in scented tantalized petals
Gracefully dropped flower jewels
Lonely Angels reside by quiet spells
Of alluring fantasies
So far yet near from those chiming cathedral bells

Inside my bewilderness
Lighted tapers are burning brighter
I find you waiting here
And long to caress you on the floor
Filling the night sky of love
As those clouds drop lonely tears


Her heart ached
In drowning shadows
Murmurous waters

Love’s sweet bluebell taste
Infused her
Beneath sunken dreams

Falling… drowning…
Into the bottomless ocean
Never to part

From her sea~shell heart