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Raewyn Alexander
New Zealand

Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis Andy Leleisi'uao
Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis - Andy Leleisi'uao
Raewyn Alexander's tenth book, Museum of Lost Days is available
through Earl of Seacliff and in some places in central Auckland.
She works with teenagers unable to attend school and assists with their writing, also offering communication consultancy on a freelance basis.  Originally from Hamilton, Alexander now lives in Grey Lynn, Auckland NZ for which she thanks goodness, every day.


here in a cave by the ocean

the roar of water reminds me
time moves in every direction
whether or not a clock stops

while soldiers pour into Tibet
while depleted uranium poisons Iraq
while a big 'sorry' rings across Australian red earth
we find every chance to lift something softly
we find our best songs still have words
we find an embrace as potent as plankton

small things
in this secret place
I keep them in the dark
the sound of my son's baby voice
the day he brought me hexagonal tiles he found
the way he smiled and thought of me sometimes
a collection of laughter my daughter made at nothing at all
a reminder she gave me to always think first 'will this hurt anyone?'
a box covered in fabric scraps with tiny gloves inside to protect me

Maori kept precious feathers in a lidded carved receptacle
they wore such decorations in their black hair
perhaps some even now place what flies and swoops under cover
every time I bring out into view what those familiar give me
I hear such a crowd in a breath and see people run across a beach
where the surf  rolls a breakthrough
welcome then into this darkness and secrecy
the open mouth of a recess into the rock and under a mountain
where we hold gifts from those loved kept safe for their light

Today I Stopped Throwing myself off the Top of Buildings

I heard Ghost Riders in the Sky play on the car radio
while across the harbour bridge fear drowned in a lurex sea
all the times I could've died fell into the sun
later I embraced a media star in his cafe
oh - how we danced the day past blue

today I stopped throwing myself off the top of buildings
the way I held myself changed into a lake with tall trees
when we walked there birds flew across the sun for us
forgiveness a river discovered in dense country
many new paths through dappled light to reflection

today I stopped throwing myself off the top of buildings
my past gave up belonging to a cult where it had to speak in tongues
I attended a meeting of the Secret Society for Best Ideas
laughter brimmed in our cups after singing to moonlight
now I head for the infinite with unbroken eggs in my hands