blackmail press 40
Raewyn Alexander
first published issue 39

The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
you make me want to be a better person

the meme bites like a spring morning
but what's improving in old age?
sure, we may count on or up
although memory's a sock with holes of its own

on the edge of where we'll go next
tiny creatures walking about a long playing vinyl record
each asking, "what songs exist at the centre?"
direction appears important
I guess we may read the title
(you and me the correct small height for this at that moment)

it could be The Beatles White Album
or Bitches Brew - Miles knew some things
I'd choose Sinatra and Hazelwood's Some Velvet Morning
but an instructional hour could prove valuable
mending our lives with time and whispers
a ten step programme for timeless tricky children

transferred into a community icon (you, uh, me)
and a valuable resource (me, uh, you)
while we privately smooch hours into beautiful nowhere
the plenty of memory produces a case of sideways
both of us open other worlds but some remain locked
depending how we turn

look - gather - create boundaries – flex – eat well - sing
the quiet of an empty room with a jug boiling
someone about to return any minute