countless birds heralding your birth

this morning

melodious tui - liquid music

in Grandies' lovely island garden

me admiring and whistling their songs

following a video call - family magic-tech

you sleeping on your mother's shoulder

your father kissing you gently

a drowsy baby

mouthing your own hand

strong clever lovely hungry and half-asleep

your lyrical name our best song

no words possibly meet this wonder

ataahua tane on this whenua – a spring-time arrival

my friend and I anyway plan books and songs to celebrate

wondrous days of blooms and gasps – arohanui

misty good green land – spring sun almost overhead

fresh light welcomes you our newborn and all you bring

Raewyn Alexander writer and artist, kia ora resides in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, a fourth generation NZer (since 1840), French, English, Scottish, with Maori whanau now Ngāti Kahungunu, me Autetaki Cook Island Maori. Her work's enjoyed world-wide. Wah-wah Gallery Grey Lynn, is exhibiting, Brilliant Company, (paintings, artist books, and drawings), December 2022 - more work here-