S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
Rosetta Allan
New Zealand

Rosetta Allan is an Auckland based poet. Her first volume, ‘Little Rock,’ was published early 2007.
Her poetry has appeared in several NZ literary journals and one Australian
(Short and Twisted). She is a regular reader at poetry events.
In 2008, she received mentorship by Elizabeth Smither.

Afternoon Repose

Filtered through netting the February sun,
vacant of expression, lifts half-heartedly
the pastels of Launa's skirt

my posy teacup fumbles the circle
it's supposed to meet

her hands reveal nothing
                  but the blueness of veins

unspoken remains
               the morning's performance

me from the deck, he down below
no Juliet, no Romeo

Lladro ladies unperturbed
gaze upon their butterflies and birds
their baskets of daisies
with sepia eyes

Launa's kissed cheek rises, a smile
reaches further than it should

I turn from her driveway around into mine
                    cinnamon on my tongue
          cat at my feet
wondering how much dirt
                          her doilies hide.