blackmail press 33
Rebekah Burgess
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
Previously been published in Blackmail Press issues 11, 28 and 32.
Performed spoken word at Wellington's BlueNote and Ballroom Cafe.
Had a poem published in Manawatu Standard this year.

Set up a poetry blog, but that is currently private and under review (an upcoming chapbook may suffice. Children of the '80s are suspicious of the cloud).

For Andy


The moment of falling was indeed falling
and if you were caught
you’d think that would be it, solved.
Not as simple as that for a broken
up human with shatters and shards
of heart that got crunched into concrete.
Pick the pieces up. Don’t be scared if they cut
our hands. Blood is a glue of life. A metaphor.
A comparison. A CONNECTOR.
Pain is necessary to regenerate.


After all I asked for it.
I didn’t want a boring,
comfortable partner.
I wanted a challenge.
I wanted a knife.
I wanted to be cut open.
I wanted to feel.
I wanted to heal.
I wanted to live.



Absurdity of children in a train.
And I think I am in love
with you already.
But you challenge me,
but I wouldn’t want a whipping
how about some contradictions
human two-faced minds
that change again for a while.
The Taupo air. The birds
the fresh no drama

the drama
still there
a chatter
but not as loud
surely knowing that
you are you
is enough for me
without worrying
about societal
of madness.