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Ruth Fischer
New Zealand

Ruth grew up in the northwest USA but but as an adult has lived abroad frequently. She has been writing all her life, but with commitment and dedication since age 19 or so.  She participates in many artistic forms, creating some where she finds none. Community-building through creativity is one of the four most important things for her. She lives now in Christchurch and does not find it nearly as stifling nor overly Anglican as many around NZ consider it to be. She continues to love Portland, Oregon, USA as a place to visit friends and imbibe urban culture.

In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
In Your Enigma - Ilinca Höpfner
Derelict Train Stations

The Russian wildflowers
Bloom well past their due date
Littered offspring early stripped
From mothers ripe and expectant

The wildflower colour crescendo screams in
An understated union
Together with
Longevity immeasurable

Russian wildflowers
The undocumented citizens of this
Wide and terrible passage

31 July 2007


nasally voice
surging in my dying window
you come right through the peonies

this hospital,
exquisitely built, gothic sickbay
marble hallways
and courtyard gardens
the place where I will take my last breath
even now awaiting me

oh, you
nasally voice
small child
a newsome borne marsupial
curled upon a broad leaf
eyes still smushed shut

Oh! these things that are,
these things it does not stand to ignore!
these things and your nasally voice
realities you give me to remember

I will pass on today
pass into my dying days
in peace
the peace of cessation of all goals
the peace of pure existence

ignorant aims,
the most tiring activity,
gone now

oh, thank you
with your nasally voice
you have just relieved me of this
accumulated fatigue
july 31, 2008
beacon hill, seattle

The buddha's hut

a hut of buddha floats above pestilent water
growling fiercely, blood honking amidst geese baths
knock on the door
but when his ears are inside-out
the wind from the waves holds them closed

19 feb 2006
georgetown, seattle