blackmail press 40
Rangi Faith
first published issue 6
The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
Rangi Faith is a poet, anthologist, reviewer and teacher. His first collection of poetry Unfinished Crossword was released in 1990, and he edited Dangerous Landscapes: An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in 1994. This book is a collection of poetry for young adults, which explores the issues that surround both Maori and European notions of history and identity. He published Conversations with a Moahunter in 2005, and was featured in Shards of Silver (Steele Roberts, 2006), a book of photography and poetry. His latest book of poetry is Spoonbill 101 (2014).


New Zealand Poets Fly fishing Calendar

For January : the Mansfield Maribou -
olive-chenilled and peacock-plumed;
For February: the Tuwhare Twilight Beauty -
Tangaroa's saltwater fish nosing
a fresh river mouth;
For March & April, the Turner Tiger
& the Potiki Parachute -
bright wild feathers on the water;
& in May - bending the rod
& seriously searching the stream -
the Curnow Hare and Copper, that is,
the sheen of the copper
the bright light & the weight;
the Bethell March Brown
on the Ashley riverbank in June
dreaming of gardens;
& for July, the Hunt Hair Caddis
the last time I saw Sam
stalking the stage, resplendent;
Hemi's Hamill in August,
or the Baxter Hawk and Rabbit
in frantic river crossings
on the Matukituki;
In September, Bornholdt's
Bucktail Streamer
caught in the rapids
& flying down Happy Valley Road;
Cilla's Dappled Dog
doing the dogpaddle in October;
Glover's Nor'west Glo-Bug -
the one that lit the interior
of a Leithfield bach
one wild November night;
& in December: Manhire's Arctic Chief
for those river-wise fish
going in opposite directions.