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Rosanna Raymond
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
Rosanna Raymond was born in Auckland New Zealand of Samoan decent and currently lives and works in London with her family. A ‘Tusitala’ (a teller of tales) at heart, her art practice takes a variety of forms ranging from installation works, spoken words and body adornment, fusing traditional pacific practises with modern innovations and techniques. Raymond has forged a role for herself over the past 15 years as a producer and commentator on contemporary PI culture, both in Aotearoa NZ, the UK and the USA working within museums and higher education institutions as an artist, performer, curator, guest speaker and workshop leader.
Sleeping with Mountains

At night I sleep with mountains
covered with birds on sticks
and the beak of the Tuli peaking down below

And me turns to we, and we, flock off in our effect
as the clouds form an embryo across the sun

It’s all part of a coconut order

Celestial petals are waiting for some drum drum fun
centipedes, jellyfish dancing on their thighs

With the blood of virgins smeared on their cheeks

We dance on the skin of the land, it is
flushed in a red stained light, the same light
shed by Hines’ vulva, as it put an end
to mans’ quest for everlasting life

My bones are cold, almost hollow
they carry an echo, but my flesh is tasty
and keeps me on the go…going….gone

But not for good

For I am afraid the sky will down
leaving me at the feet of Ranginui
looking for assistance, listening to the
hidden voices, bathed in salt water
welcoming me, settling my distance
and waiting for me to come home

The Smell of the Sea

Guess who is coming to dinner

A full-bodied blossom ensemble

A heady mix of ylang-ylang, sandalwood and the smell of the sea

No need to pay and display, this will be all you can eat.

I’ve got a banana walk with pukeko legs, when I run my feathers ruffle, when they drop, new islands form

Unfolding, Evolving, Unfeigned, Veracity, Capacity, Fluency, Remedy, Materiality, Clarity

I weave with words not fibers,
I paint with shadows not colours

I am the wind, soft and flowing over boulders, they are large and round sitting by the water

I wish I was a shark or maybe it’s just that I remember when I was one…makes me predator proof…… hmmm show me your teeth and I’ll show you my growler

I didn’t look into your eyes, but I know they the same colour as the bottom of the ocean….dark but full of life..mine are all white and shaped like an ocean going vessel they have purerehua inside them so you can hear me coming

I can be quiet but have trouble standing still, I vibrate, feel me in the back of your throat, I’m going for your heart, so keep your mouth closed unless you want it to be taken, it wont be forced but it will be slow

The old city talks to me, the old river confuses me as it endeavors to enter me

Luckily I have a tight sphincter and sit with my legs crossed

My hunger replaced by man-made thunder

Come dine on me, my flesh is sweet no need for marinating, jus truss me up like a long pig, wrap me in banana leaves

Devour me, all that will be left will be the smell of the sea.