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Robert Scott
New Zealand


The Fishes dream of the river
The trees they cuddle the sky
Everything needs something
And there's a reason why

The Gulls they scream in the wind
The Cows they steam in the grass
Everyone needs someone
So I guess I'll have to pass

The Dogs they howl at the moon
And the Cats just scratch at the door
I'm at the mercy of animals
And I could'nt ask for more

Robert Scott Sept 07


A deeper day dawns
a sky comes clear
so tired of the yawns
as the time draws near

We walk on the way
there's no time to run
or speak of the day
nor dream of the fun

The woods draw us in
as the green fingers wave
a promise of sin
as we try to behave

Time now to go back
and we're racing the dark
it's the hours we lack
as we cross the park.

Robert Scott Aug 07


Seagulls wheel around you
They're looking for a way
A chance to float in blue
Or a tide to turn the day

The breeze it curls around
The mist defines it's shape
In the valley's it is found
As it seeks to escape

If I could find you here
Beneath the lowering sky
On a day becoming clear
And through the birds they fly

Now the trees are bending
Fighting off the wind
And soon I will need mending
'Cos I feel my eyes are pinned.


The tree it stands like a sign
And the dew it coats it well
A finch she sings her daily song
As the fog begins to clear

A stone hut from another day
With stories from the past
A broken door lets out the truth
And the tussock starts to glow.


A simple turn deserves the best
As we try to make it fair
As words and feelings multiply
This cross we have to bear

Yet harder tasks before us loom
And challenges they rise
Your words they help me through the day
As I head towards the prize.

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Brief Bio: Born in Dunedin and grew up in East Taieri. Learnt Piano and Trumpet at 10 and slowly moved into guitar. Formed my first band, Electric Blood, in 77. Joined The Clean in 1980 and quickly got my chops on Bass. I think there has been enough written by others about this period, suffice it to say it was a great time and feel very proud of what we did. Formed The Bats at the end of 82.
I released my first solo album in 01, and enjoyed the experience, I am about to release another, of old Otago folk songs. I have been getting into doing TV soundtrack work and this is very challenging and enjoyable, I hope to do more of this.

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