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Robert Scott
New Zealand

Moka's Utu - Penny Howard
Born in Dunedin and grew up in East Taieri. Learnt Piano and Trumpet at 10 and slowly moved into guitar. Formed my first band, Electric Blood, in 77. Joined The Clean in 1980 and quickly got my chops on Bass. I think there has been enough written by others about this period, suffice it to say it was a great time and feel very proud of what we did. Formed The Bats at the end of 82.

The Bats:

The night was howling as was his mind
And all the time his want was kind

He spoke no more as if a mute
And with his soul he was in dispute

But still the days went and came
And all the hours he kept the same

His plans they all went out the door
Not now not then but way before.


As he made his way by the light of the moon
He struggled to hear a wavering tune
He thought it one he'd heard before
When working at a local store

As he made his way with the use of his feet
he remembered a face he'd forgotten to greet
It was a friend from long ago
But why in mind he did not know

As he made his way in the heat of the sun
His thoughts wandered back to summer fun
Of days in central by a big blue lake
And in the pines things seemed to shake.


His thoughts and mind were miles away
As he gazed at sea
And as he tried to shape his day
His best he hoped to be

And so it was that he was tempted
And taken by the waves
so he set out apon a boat
To explore some distant bays

The wind the mast the glowering clouds
Came apon him fast
And as he gripped apon the rail
His life before him passed.