Richard Zola

the incomparable rz returns... DP
and no object moved on a dust was disturbed...

the door opens
light moves across blue paint

light moves
the door closes

she he

she enters first
she has 2 bags

he has 1

vegetable cans
through plastic

through a name

an aubergine
falls from a bag
rolls towards the stove

he bends
puts the aubergine
on the table

she heats coffee

he arranges cups
a bowl spoons

opens a magazine

she feels the street
on her skin
in this high room

pours coffee
watches him

his hair

he folds the magazine
tilts paper in light

his eyes lowered
she sees skin

the window is behind him

she stands
walks across the window

the street moves right
she walks back
the street moves left

a child stumbles

the room is warm

she looks beneath the table
his shoe is torn

her feet naked
her shoes to the side

he reaches for a cup

she sees
his hands

one time she found a feather
made a quill
wrote bird

wrote BIRD

she begins to say:
i found a
takka t takka t takka
takka takka t
takka t takka t takka takka t

tikka takka

he puts the magazine on the table

hair hands

takka t takka takka t
takka t takka t takka takka t


he she
she he

you me

takka t

on the street figures fall

when she talks her hands are still...sometimes she stands...then sits

when a child
did she
in illuminated water
copulate with an octopus

is what she told

she saw carrin crows
on fallen stone
in december

and the radio

in an attic
she lifted touched
and who was
was she
therese of liseux
near the well

there were roses

she wanted wooden shoes
with windmills painted

3 men with her
a voice:

the length of some grass
is determined by wind

which one spoke

she they
standing in sharp grass
the sting of sand on flesh

and the corpse of a gull

the sting of sand on flesh

and the corpse of a gull

men beneath the sand
dressed for sunday

hair combed

moving left right
with the movement of the tide

dressed for sunday
in cardigans corduroy


are their eyes

beneath the sand
open eyed

men in rows
and breathing

in the cafe near the boats
she ate from shells
the ova of mermaids

is what she told

her brother
erect in her bed

take this sock
there must be no stains

for her

she dug into peat

peat filled the spaces
between nail and flesh

on hands and knees
she bit through roots

beginning not at midnight

she dug in peat
bit through roots

on a moor somewhere

she kissed a corpse

a corpse rose up

and she kissed the face

she'd come to bury


something she'd found
now it was lost


become stone

3 men with her

an octopus

in illuminated water

the sting of sand on flesh

a rose from therese of lisieux


been carried to her door
in the mouth of a shrew

she could would

if she could would

if she could have
tipped the rose

inclined her head

had there been
inside the rose


some kind of

she waits for words

a curtain curves
before a partly opened window