blackmail press 38
Shania Edmonds
Word Up 2014

At only 14 years old, Shania has been writing since she was 7, but has only performed 3 times in her life.  She refuses to write about anything that doesn’t occur in reality, and wants to create music that people relate to. 

The Trip

Swimming through a river of gold,
dashing through a line of cameras
you fools, we are fools who can't see pain
Fools who make our ways downtown
wishing for the best city lights

Is that what you want
you've already lost yourself
is that what you need
a smile you can redeem
well look at you now, look at you now

Days go by one by one
your reflection sets you to the sea
capturing all emptiness
Standing at the edge of the road
catching one last breath
but this might be it, your last trip