Shane Hollands
New Zealand

Karakia Precari - Penny Howard 2016
'We are Stars Live'
Recorded live at Pukekoe Hall
Shane Hollands - Vocals
John McNab -Guitar
Shelly Moore - Sax
Rod Redgrave - Dums
Alex Griffith - Bass
Mark Steven - Keyboards

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Shane Hollands © 2016
Shane Hollands is principally a performance poet. He is well-known for his innovative work with poet centric music of differing genres from jazz to electronica to metal. Shane established the performance poetry collective The Literatti, the national celebration of beat poetry The Kerouac Effect and is the front-man and poet for the Wordcore band, Freaky Meat. He has recently published his fourth book of poetry ‘The Atomic Composition of the seeming solid’ (Backshed).