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Shelley Joyce
New Zealand

Shelley Joyce is a secondary school teacher at Trident High School in Whakatane NZ.


Creeping coldly
Cautious and callous,
Tiptoes on shells
Dances on phallus.

Cryptic and cruel
Torturous, jealous
Queen for a day
In his wooden palace.

Discarded and duped
With disgust and malice
Dethroned, debauched

Broken chalice.

Solitary Confinement

Sickened by your cowardly confessions
Tortured thoughts weaken my resolve.

Staring into your eyes
My refuge
My solace
My elixir
No more.

I gave you all
I gave you me
My innocence
My naivete

You let me breathe into your soul.
Whispering in the darkness
Waking you from your sleep.
Your redeemer
Your deliverer
Your salvation.

Shackled and shiftless I wander
Skulking in the shadows
Inhaling the nothingness that is me
My canon
My code
My tongue
No more.


You stumbled into my life
Chasing away all of my fears
Holding my hand through the blotted years.

You pierced my blackened soul
Building my mansion in the sky
To succor me when I die.

Purify my charcoal halo
Scorch my tainted skin
Distil my tares
Open the door and let me in.

Save me now before I falter
Take my heart and make it new
I bow down at your bloody altar
Baptise this unholy pew.