Suzanne Jones, Performance poet and co-founder of seZsu, she has featured at the likes of Woodford Folk Festival; QLD Poetry Festival; Sydney's legendary Friend in Hand; and was a member of the first QLD Poetry Slam team; Finalist in the prestigious Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup 2006-2007; Co-winner of the National Poetry Week Open Mic Championship 2005 and QPF Poetry Slam 2006 and 2007 finalist; she released her first chap book, Pregnant & Tongue Tied in 2006.
  S  e  c  r  e  t  s    blackmail press 24
Suzanne Jones

1 Year On

your head no longer fits
in the palm of my hand

my fingers trace
the pit in your nape
the hint of blonde
whipping your scalp

your eyes are shut
tight to artificial light

your palms speak
the future
in whispering
twilight tongues

soon you will awake
a cry on your lips
two bulging teeth
blood orange gums

my hands are a manuscript
fingers your record keeper

our history