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Sheish Money

Sheish Money (aka Smon Sheehy) Sheish is a regular performer at Speed poets in Brisbane. His first book "Another Rock Pig" was released in March 2007. 

Wading through the sea
trying desperately
to make the shore
Hoping that there is time left
to catch you before you fall
from the tower were I placed you
Knowing that we all must survive
by our selves but wanting to
cushion the blow
The waves
suck at my legs and I feel as though
I am moving backwards
Out to sea being washed away before
I can see where you will land
How could I be the one who pushed you
when I was so far away 


Lying back on a length of summer
I chatted with the girl
whose eyes where the colour of regret
staring into  those eyes
I tripped and fell spiraling down wards
the music getting louder and louder
I grabbed a statue of you
for an anchor and climbed out
with the help of a friend

Sitting by the pond full of winter
laughing at the magpies and frogs
Throwing in cupboards and car tyres
churning up the surface
to try and get a better look at the bottom
Playing drums made out of water listening
to blossoms on a tree
We ate fresh fish caught on an open fern
and drank fire straight from boulders

Peeeeeling open my eyes
with a cup of spring
Realizing I was too late
Then the phone rang
reception broke up
and I was left
with the fall out
Should have stayed in bed

Sticks and dead flowers
woven in to her autumnal hair
remembering the place
where they met and the purple sunsentence
having to share in the tragedy
knowing that the beginning
is always
the end


If I could
drip words
on to a page
like a Pollock painting
if I could
weave spirals like
a Vangough sun
or write in the colours
and clarity of Georgia OKeefe
If I could stop
my influences
on my sleeve
and believe
in everything
then I reckon 
I could
a good poem