blackmail press 28
Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Kitchen - Charles Olsen
raven as a writing desk

in the beginning was the bird
call at dawn. instinct knew the

sun would come, that something
new had begun. pre-cursive chatter

, winged diamonds of human
expression took flight to beat

ruffles at 1ne hundred & 40ty
characters. a microcosm of

belief. & as the sun rose
, houses awoke & so

started the slow clatter of commotion
. kettles sang, newspapers

crinkled, toothbrushes enamel
, sinks were spat in

. car doors slammed

, engines thrusted, the grumble stumbled
out of the suburbs toward the city

. before long everyone was sharing
themselves, the noise a crescendo like

20ty exclamation marks lusting after
emphasis. this supposed economy of

simplicity sluices words into singularity
, acronyms an abomination of in-jokes

rolling on the floor, laughing out loud
. how is this social when everybody is

speaking at once

? by noon, the only bird heard
cawed to its scavenger self

, descended to pick apart the
discarded language &

really cool thoughts


when we were young
we used to play kiss chasey
running around school playgrounds
through tunnels & across monkey bars
wiping the boy germs/girl germs
from our lips with a laugh

now there is sex

& penetration

two selves trying to conquer
every fantasy they ever had

now there is sex
& uncertainty

litmus paper in the bathroom

biohazard bags & blood

the fluid the rubber
the unseen open cuts

now there is sex

three letters

& mathematics

Scott-Patrick Mitchell appears in Fremantle Press’ New Poets. He won 2009’s PressPress Chapbook Award, 2010’s Perth Poetry Slam and currently studies performance poetry at WAAPA.

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