Sarah Reed

New Zealand


creative nudge
to share my thoughts
no more or less profound
than polished blue
that wreaths the colder
august days
like festive diadem
each fatal gust
of winter breath
to graze my tresses,
rustle shriveled leaves
that bless the ground,
will leave me standing
fixed as stone
to mourn your parting words
without a sound


daylight draws
warmth from
lemon meringue skies
strobe pulse
blurred through
blood-shot eyes
truth sought
beyond nights disguise


silence seeks
like soaring bird
a safe haven
across uneven oceans

leaving wounded vessels
in your wake
you have wandered

far from home
to find yourself
in strangers hands
in distant lands


keeping secrets
no-one knows
feel it glow
faithful seeking
hear me speaking
lips in shadow
red like rose

the ride

its just the ride
before the fall
another high
another storm
to shelter under
brass umbrella
dulls the thunder
to an easy roar
you know i always
wanted more
than i could get
than you could give


we scull these final
summer dregs
awash with angst for
winters bitter breath

too soon we bear
her burdened bones
to carry love and beauty
down to death


a mothers dance
in orchard green
lost memories
a childhood dream
we twirl in
unaccompanied delight
i wish you back
with all my might
loss of love
loss of time
a press of lips
on mine


you're painting the days again
washing the greys away
serenading with blue skies
dreamy eyes
whistling in wind song
taking my hand
stringing my heart along

i fumble words
like a child
captivated by your gaze
filling up inside of me
with everything your smile says
about the way you feel for me
about the way i want to be

strawberry field

i can still taste
the sunsets
going down
over strawberry field
tension of dreams
played out like
movie reel
through younger eyes.
we were in love
your colours ran
over lips, body
blistering fingers
with promise of
destiny enough
for all, fulfilled
in the seeing
of older eyes