blackmail press 22
Sam Silva

Poet and author Sam Silva resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. His views on religion, politics and humanity have made him an internationally recognized poet.

Sam is an intense craftsman, often drafting three, four or more works a day.

As fellow poet and Pulitzer nominee Ron Bayes has said; "Sometimes when I read Silva, which I have for well over two decades, certain insights of Blake and Coleridge flash to mind – as well as penetrations into character of E.A. Robinson and the bombastic and enthusiastic Vachel Lindsay".



I used to be able to talk you a storm
...figure and configure
all of the Springtime pathways
and the politics
of the past
in a present tense
glowing in the dark
while we walked
our patterns
for the dog
and in the park.

I could get you talking sometimes too
about an art-dream and its form
...and the ghosts that drive out evil
in a world where evil cannot last.
Evil cannot last for you!

I love the things you paint and do
though I have less and less to say
in muttered insignificance.

Get high on cigarettes and beer.
My passion has not lessened, no!
Only my eyes and mind are glazed
and numb, like ice
which makes the old tongue shiver
cold as snow.


Softly ancient! Hair wild as the willow!
What she renders
is profound and childlike
...eternally childlike
and always profound
...such little steps
in the pathways of her grandchildren
or jogging the block
to catch up with the dog

and so it is
with the tip of her brush
listening and attentive
or full of silent grace.

And I am the dog! I am the wilting, barking,
howling creature
come only to please her
with my strange strange noise.