Sam Silva
United States of America

Karakia Precari - Penny Howard 2016

On this mildly defrosting day
with February on the cusp
a little while away

cold water sparkles like teardrops
in the yard.
I reached my wain quite early
at the age of sixty two.

Alligator skin
...irrelevant sin
and bloodless days of cold
for this old bard...


having come to a relaxed
and beautiful complacency
without grandeur's delusions

fell victim
to a little blood and fire

and the wooden men so soaked
by oil
and drying patience

were the perfect tinder
for the fire again
which leads to cold
and the big machines
of war.


A little Russian dictator
...a mouse with eyes of steel!,
ran corner to corner
to count his exits
and hid behind
this crumbling computer contraption

his wintry eyes glazed and glowing
in messianic vision

where the flesh of gods is chewed
and sent out
as something a little worse
than spittle


...and should bumbling ogres come along
a prostitute in tow
and shiver for a small room
that destiny might afford.

Oh what a bawdy winter song
for the coming of the Lord.