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Samantha Williams
New Zealand

Samantha Williams was born in England, and immigrated to NZ when she was 14, ending up in Dargaville, Northland (which was the biggest culture shock she’d ever had). Since she can remember, Samantha has always loved travel and learning from other peoples. Travel is still a passion. She loves learning and hearing other cultures and their expressions.
“You can learn so much if you care to listen and see. I honestly love being surrounded by language. I am always writing something from my adventures, mainly on my cell phone. Poetry is my favourite expression.”
Samantha graduated from the University of auckland, with BA in Education/Sociology.
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crossed cultures - special issue
A Time

It’s been a wondering-heart time
A time to question
A time to dream
A time to be the unconventional me

Wanna shake some status quo
Ask difficult questions
Debate till I understand, what you’re factually saying…
“It’s all so absolutely relative”

Wanna go places
Where the language spins straight over my head
And still goes straight to my heart
Shakes me up
Makes me think in artistic sideways
Not my ways
And definitely not that old-guys ways

To be in a cultural mosaic
And not just see it on the black-hole box
that sits in my living room,
on its wooden perch

Let’s shake it up, wake it up, make it….

To eat food that holds no familiarity
“What is that?
Like chicken!?
Sounds great!”

To get totally wasted from sleepless slumber
On 30,000ft international stretches
Jump to remote corners of central spaces,
To central parts of the end of the city

Get off long flights angry
Lose my bags
Catch some ailment,
cause I really do eat everything I see

“Bags found!” GREAT!

But now I don’t need all those things I brought…
Cause I met Mutya
Who begged and pleaded for my emptying bottle of water
I looked in her brown eyes,
reflecting the flickering street lamp
I wept within for all the waters I had wasted
Cause for once I saw more

And now, I want what’s real
The hazed imagery I once had
needs to get more true
I want to see the real world now
Not just the polished tourist spots

To rejoice in the unfamiliar
While rejecting the gravity of my previous normality

“No, I don’t want to find the nearest McDonald’s
This is Kuala Lumpur
and I know
there are other options”

Let’s try something new
To live in a new day

It’s been a time to question
And a time to dream

It’s been a wonderful time